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  • AQRD is an Aerospace Engineering Group with a wide range of FAA authorities and capabilities
  • FAA-DER Engineering Authorities
    • Structures
    • Metallic and Composite Experts
    • Damage Tolerance and Fatigue Authority
    • Major/Minor Repairs and Alterations
    • Interiors and Flammability Delegations
    • Temporary Repairs and Fly-On Relief
    • FEM Analysis
    • Ferry Permit Engineering Support

AQRD has built its engineering division on the practical point of view of engineering. Our engineers and DER’s are intertwined with A&P’s, ex-mechanics, and a team that has done the actual work that we are supporting the engineering for.

AQRD has chosen to create a brick and mortar engineering firm which allows all of our team to collaborate and work together. At AQRD our main focus is safe, quality, and practical engineering through our customer’s eyes.

A brand new experience with Approved Engineering and turn-key Part Repair Solutions. AQRD is just one call or email away, anytime and anywhere.

Part 145 Repair Station

  • With our engineering division and repair station all under one roof, AQRD is able to engineer and accomplish all of its own repairs completely independent of any outside technical data needs. AQRD is a turn-key repair station. From creating FAA approved technical data to the actual complex metallic or composite touch repairs.
  • Any Metallic and Composite Structural Components


  • AQRD can repair any structural component from small ducts to full flight control repairs and re-skins. AQRD can tool up and support any repair turn-key. Our repair station can support your component repair needs on an AOG and weekend basis if needed as well.
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It costs you nothing to ask the “what if” question on repairs. AQRD will give you an evaluation at no charge.

A whole New Experience with Approved Engineering and Turn Key Part Repair Solutions.

AQRD is just one call or email away, anytime and anywhere.

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